The EU-Russia Civil Society Forum is an open platform aimed at promoting cooperation between civil society in Russia and the European Union. The Forum serves as a permanent framework for interaction and exchange between civil society organizations from countries of the EU and Russia and for their influence on and dialogue with the EU and Russian public authorities and other European and Russian partners.

IREX Europe is a member of the Human Rights and the Rule of Law working group:

The EU and Russia both state they stand for human rights, democracy and the rule of law. Moreover, the preamble of the EU-Russia Partnership and Cooperation Agreement states that they share these as "common values". However, NGOs and intergovernmental organisations often criticise the EU and Russian approaches to human rights which often fall victim to political or security considerations. The expulsion of the Roma from France and the December attacks on migrants in Moscow are two recent examples. Russian and European NGOs have long worked to improve this situation, often facing stern opposition from their governments and security threats. This working group should offer a platform for discussion in which NGOs can examine both the difficulties that they face vis-a-vis their governments and ways (best practices) to tackle them.

Main topics:

- racism and xenophobia;
- freedoms of assembly, expression and association;
- independence of the judiciary ;
- protecting human rights while fighting terrorism.

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In October 2013, IREX Europe held a roundtable on Freedom of the Internet in Russia at their 4th General Assembly. IREX Europe’s roundtable statement and concluding recommendations for media, NGOs, and donors are available here:

- Russian version:

Word - 94.5 kb

- English version:

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Forum members from Russian Federation
Agency for Social Information
Agency of Social Initiatives
Altay Kray Public Foundation of Social Support and Civic Initiatives
Buryat Regional Union on the Lake Baikal
Centre for Development of Democracy and Human Rights
Centre for Civic Education and Human Rights
Centre of Development of Social Initiatives
Citizens Watch
Civic Assistance to Refugees and Asylum Seekers
Civic Engagement Institute
Civic Union
Committee Against Torture
Committee for the Salvation of Pechora
Community Foundation of Tyumen
Constructive Approach Foundation
Donors’ Forum
Ecological defence of Moscow Region, Save Khimki Forest movement
Environmental Right Center BELLONA
Environmental Watch on North Caucasus
For Human Rights
Freedom of Information Foundation
Friends of the Siberian Forests
German-Russian Exchange
GRANI - Center of Civic Analysis and Independant Research
Greenpeace Russia
Human Rights Council of St. Petersburg
Human Rights Resource Center
Institute of Human Rights
Interregional civic movement "Russian LGBT network"
Kostroma Civic Initiatives Support Center
Man and Law
MASHR - First Ingush Human Rights Organisation
Memorial Human Rights Center
Moscow Helsinki Group
Musora.Bolshe.Net (No more waste)
NGO Development Center
NO to Alcoholism and Drug Addiction
ORPI Organisation for Development of Business Initiatives
Public Verdict
Riga house in Saint Petersburg
Russian Centre for Development of Volunteerism
Russian Forest Trust
Samara Socio-Ecological Union
Siberian Environmental Center
Social Partnership Foundation
SOVA Center
Transparency International Russia
Vision of Tomorrow Fund
Youth Centre of Consultancy and Training
Youth Human Rights Group
Youth Memorial

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