Supporting librarians help their communities better understand the media and take a more critical attitude towards media consumption.

‘The librarian’s role is to guide people of all ages in their community, not just to find books and use the Internet, but also to find the most reliable sources of information and to be critical consumers of media/new media messages.’ Says Galina Stratu a librarian from Negureni.

Between 18-20 of May 2016, a follow-up training on Media Literacy for librarians took place at the National Library of Moldova in Chisinau. This second round of training gathered the most active and willing librarians from the regions, to improve their skills in the media field.

The training is part of the Strengthening Independent Media and Media Literacy in Moldova Project (SIMML), implemented by IREX Europe in partnership with Novateca Project. The project works to empower citizens, helping improve their media literacy by developing and expanding media corners in libraries across Moldova. Moldovan librarians have been trained in the Media Literacy to raise the improve their critical thinking and help them pass on media literacy skills and understanding to their local communities.

Over three days, librarians worked on critical thinking, learning about media communication techniques, how to identify propaganda, and how to use multiple sources to obtain a broader understanding of issues.

IREX Europe’s Moldova coordinator Daniela Galai and, media literacy trainer Nicoleta Fotiade from Mediawise Society Romania ran the workshop jointly. Ala Bugai, a librarian from Drochia, posted on the project’s Facebook ‘Educație media pt bibliotecari’: ‘I will gladly share with my colleagues the knowledge gained from this training because I was lucky to have two wonderful and professional teachers, whom I thank a lot.’

The training included a visit to Public Television Moldova 1 to help the librarians better understand how the media works. Aliona Sendrea, a librarian from Public Library „A. Donici”, in Orhei posted on our Facebook group: “Thanks to the interesting presentation of Vasile Ernu, the Manager of the Production Department and Cornelia Stefoglu from the News Department, librarians learned many useful things especially about the production process”.

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The 24-month project "Strengthening Independent Media and Media Literacy in Moldova" (SIMMLM) was officially launched in October 2014.,4...

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