Sortie d’un nouveau film sur les massacres d’Andijan en Ouzbékistan

Michael Andersen, a Danish Journalist and specialist on Central Asia and the former Soviet Union, has released a trailer of a new documentary on Uzbekistan. Andersen has collaborated with IREX Europe since 2006 and is a regular adviser and trainer in journalism and investigative reporting for IREX Europe in those regions. He made a press release Monday 16 July.


This is a unique project in that it is not ‘just’ about making a film. It’s also about getting the film to the people it matters most to.

Our investigation began days after the massacre as demonstrators from Andijan fled the country. The result is a 80-minute documentary film – ‘Massacre in Uzbekistan’. [...]

[...] We have spent seven years, and a lot of our own money, making the English version of this film. That is why we are now asking for HELP: If people, NGOs and international organizations think it is important that the Uzbeks themselves know about the Massacre in Andijan, the oppression of the Karimov regime and the West’s collusion with him – we are asking them to donate money to support the TRANSLATION PROJECT.

The trailers and the information on how to do this are available in English, Russian and Uzbek on

For more information, interviews etc, you can also get in touch with Michael Andersen:
Skype: michaelandersencentralasia
Phone: 0034 697 787 041

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Michael Andersen’s documentary trailer on the Andijan massacres in Uzbekistan

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