Russia - Independent Media in Russia

Project Dates
May 2005 – April 2006


IREX Europe is working with Russian media to ensure journalists and editors are better equipped to provide business and consumer information for a growing market economy. The programme, supported by the British Foreign & Commonwealth Office’s Global Opportunities Fund, is designed to assist the media in playing its critical part in exposing corruption, promoting transparency, and increasing pressure for better governance and more accountability. A robust media able to perform this function leads, in turn, to an improved business climate and economic growth.

IREX Europe is working with its partner, the Interregional Institute for Media Consulting, to provide training in investigative journalism to selected media outlets, and to help these outlets gauge the value of providing better business and economics coverage to their audiences.

Project Activities

- Training for investigative journalists
- Training on business and financial journalism specific to the Russian business sector
- Support for investigative projects through a small grants programme
- Expansion of Russian media training expertise in investigative, business and financial journalism

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