UKRAINE : IREX Europe is part of a consortium led by the BBC World Service Trust and funded by the European Union to improve the standards of university journalism education in Ukraine. The two-year project, to be launched formally November 24 in Kiev, will be centered at the Kyiv Institute of Journalism (KIJ) and two pilot schools. These journalism faculties will be among the first in the former Soviet Union to pioneer educational reforms, and the teaching methodology and curricula developed by IREX and its partners will be offered to other journalism training centers in Ukraine and beyond. The project responds to the acute need to inject practical skills training into largely theoretical media courses in order to better prepare journalists for work in modern, independent media sectors.

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IRAQ : IREX Europe is working on-the-ground in Iraq to strengthen the independence of the media and its ability to inform citizens through a two-part project supported by UNESCO. To assess Iraq’s media sector and set benchmarks for its development, IREX Europe is implementing the Media Sustainability Index (MSI) countrywide. The MSI methodology measures all aspects of the media system against a series of objectives and indicators, producing a detailed look at the media environment that takes in regulatory reform, business viability and standards of professionalism. The Iraq MSI, to be published in late 2005, will be available at IREX Europe also is facilitating the re-broadcasting of "Our Constitution", a dynamic televised debate on critical issues in Iraq’s constitution-drafting and implementation process, via radio stations, the Internet and additional terrestrial and satellite TV channels. The weekly 90-minute "Our Constitution" programmes originate at the Iraqi Media Network (IMN), and create a forum for drafters, experts and a representative 60-strong studio audience to discuss the charter, including controversial issues such as gender, federalism and the role of Islam. The series of 32-scheduled episodes serves as an initiative to strengthen IMN’s public credibility as it redefines its civic role as a public broadcaster. IREX is providing technical assistance to IMN through support by USAID.

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RUSSIA : IREX Europe is working to build the interest and expertise needed for news organizations to fulfill the media’s role in fighting corruption, providing information required by the businesses and consumers that make up the marketplace, and pressing for transparency and accountability. In partnership with the Interregional Institute for Media Consulting, IREX Europe is conducting training to help media outlets provide their audiences with business and economic news and to give editors and journalists the technical skills to provide this information. The programme is supported by the British Foreign & Commonwealth Office’s Global Opportunities Fund through the British Embassy in Moscow.

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MACEDONIA : IREX Europe is providing support to Macedonia’s journalists and broadcasters’ associations helping them build toward self-sustainability through trainings and workshops. With funding from the German Government through IFA Media-Im-Pakt, IREX Europe is running two programmes, one with the Association of Journalists of Macedonia (AJM) the other with the Association of Private Electronic Media in Macedonia (APEMM).

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