Macedonia - Support to Association of Private Electronic Media

Project Dates
April 2005 –December 2005


IREX Europe is providing technical support, training, and financial assistance through the German Government and IFA Media-Im-Pakt. APEMM is the leading broadcast association in Macedonia. It is fully representative, drawing members from across the country and has a multi-ethnic representative management board. APEMM has 115 members out of a potential 137 legally operating broadcasters in Macedonia. IREX began working with APEMM in early 2001 with USAID support. APEMM played an important role during the conflict of 2001 and the difficult years that followed, acting as an important means of communication and contact between Macedonian and Albanian broadcasters.

Project goal

To assist APEMM in becoming self-sustainable; to help the association build a stronger media market that will enable the media to grow; and to increase broadcaster professionalism and responsibility.

Lobbying and Legal Reform

IREX will support APEMM in assisting the industry adapt to a new legal environment resulting from the introduction of a new broadcast law expected to come into effect before the summer Parliamentary recess.

Macedonian Media Market

IREX Europe will assist APEMM implement its third annual Media "trade fair." With funding from the German Government and management assistance from IREX Europe, APEMM’s goal is to create an international trade fair in 2005 and generate significant revenue to help move the fair toward self-sustainability, and to help grow the Macedonian media market.

First Aid Program

IREX Europe will assist APEMM implement its First Aid Program. This is a project begun in 2002 with donations from the German Government and IREX / USAID, that provides emergency broadcasting equipment to TV and Radio stations in need.

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