Internet Freedom Festival

The Internet Freedom Festival will be held from March 6-10th, 2017, in Valencia, Spain. This year’s theme is "Joining Forces to Fight Censorship and Surveillance".

How we inform ourselves, how we think and how we form ties and connections with others is changing. It is a revolution advancing all over the world, metamorphosing the perception of time and space, overcoming borders and distances and affecting identity creation and self-identification. We are both exposed to and contributing to an ever-growing flux of information reaching us by calls, emails, tweets, and updates, etc. All aspects of our ordinary life, as well as our beliefs and values are being altered by the transformations that the Internet brings.

While virtual freedom breaks many barriers, censorship is ever evolving. The Internet is a space for self-expression, information, and a host of communities where we can meet and share - but as its influence grows so too do systems of sophisticated surveillance.

The Internet Freedom Festival will gather a diverse community to discuss these important topics and to brainstorm solutions for critical issues such as censorship. The Festival’s open design, democratic approach and self-organized sessions will ensure an interactive discussion among all participants.

You can register for the event and propose a subject/workshop/session here:

The event is free for the public.

IREX Europe will be attending too and we’ll be hosting events which we’ll explain in the coming months. We look forward to seeing you in Valencia - or online.

IREX Europe’s network partner IREX is hosting the Internet Freedom Festival in partnership with the Open Technology Fund.

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