IREX Europe supports the Media Law Institute’s International Media Law Summer School

In July 2015, IREX Europe’s local Ukrainian partner, the Media Law Institute held its annual three-week International Media Law Summer School. This is the eleventh edition of the Summer School and gathered 24 participants from Ukraine, Russia, Georgia, Moldova, Belarus, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Kazakhstan. Experts from Ukraine, Slovenia, United Kingdom, USA and Austria gave lectures, including Richard Winfield, Secretary-Treasurer of the International Senior Lawyers Project, an Associate to the Media Freedom Support Project, providing pro-bono legal training and support to beneficiaries of the project.

Participants attended lectures and participated in practical classes on media regulation of Ukraine and CIS states, as well as on regulation practice in Europe and USA. Specific attention was paid, in particular, to the European Court of Human Rights’ case law, freedom of speech, defamation, copyright, hate speech, regulation of political advertisement, Internet-literacy of journalists and other important topics. Participants also had the opportunity to discuss common issues faced in their respective countries as well as to share their experience.

The Summer School finished with the traditional moot court competition, this year devoted to the problem of right to privacy, and end of School ceremony where participants each received a certificate.

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The Media Freedom Support Project is implemented by a consortium led by IREX Europe and funded by the European Union.

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