IREX Europe participation in Lyon Roundtable on Development and Human Rights

Thursday, June 2nd, a round table was organised with Lyon-based development actors to discuss the relationship between local development and human rights. The discussions focused on institutional experiences in the field, including IREX Europe’s experience.

The conclusion of Andre Didzarevic, Director of the Lyon-based Institute of Human Rights and Development was, “Human rights are the transversal element for the United Nations in all of their actions, especially in development. We should however be very attentive to the exploitation of human rights as a political tool.” In other words, human rights should not impose a unilateral version of development, but also should take into account local context.

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Discussants at the round table included:

- Mike de Villiers, IREX Europe Director

- Isabelle Lagarde, Project Manager of Local Associations and International Solidarity for Romania – Armenia for Grand Lyon

- Pascale Vincent, Professor and Mission Director of CIEDL (Centre of International Studies for Local Development)

- Attaher Ag Iknane, Secretary Generation of the Ministry of National Reconciliation and Development (Mali)

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