IREX Europe brings the European Union closer to Briceni, Edinet, Glodeni and Balti in Moldova

Representatives of IREX Europe and Novateca met with the public from Briceni, Edinet, Glodeni and Balti on the 24th and 25th of June. The meetings were hosted by the local public libraries, where librarians, cultural specialists, museum representatives, business owners, including those who were looking to start businesses in the near future, and young people interested in finding out about their local environment and wanting to contribute to their community all gathered together.

The "public platforms for discussion" is part of a project that promotes local solutions to local economic and social problems and the role that EU and other international institutions may play in supporting local initiatives. The discussion sessions take place within the "Strengthening independent media and media literacy in Moldova" program, implemented by IREX Europe in partnership with ATI and the Novateca program.

In Briceni, Valentin Cojocari, a self-described antiquarian talked of his collection of over 10 thousand of museum pieces at his home, ranging from pieces from the Stone Age to the 21st century. Valentin ia passionate about his incredible treasure of relics and artefacts and enjoys sharing his collection with other enthusiasts.

The meeting was very motivational as this quote from the Mayor of Briceni shows: “The solution doesn’t come from one single person, it doesn`t come only from the mayor or deputy mayor, but from all of us. Only by joining our forces and efforts, will we manage to improve our life and lifestyle. I suggest to start by cleaning the central park, where a group of mothers with their children initiated a cleaning campaign, because they don`t want to walk anymore with their strollers amongst the rubbish.” “I am coming. Who wants to join me?” said Mayor C. Cojocari, encouraging the community not to simply complain, but to be actively involved in implementing the change they want so much.

In Glodeni agro tourism was the central theme. The librarians spoke about the local manor houses/mansions, wooden churches, museums and their locally renowned tradespeople. The librarians also proudly spoke of their Agro businesses which are as numerous as those in central Moldova.

In Balti, the organizers had to overcome initial skepticism and reticence on the part of the local librarians, who couldn’t accept that in Moldova it is possible to create change. The discussions went ahead though and were very lively, with a lot of argument but in the end, a lot of constructive conclusions.

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