IREX Europe Trained Youth Continue Local Peace Building

Youth trained through IREX Europe’s Theatre for Peace project are continuing to use their skills to promote peace and tolerance in Nairobi’s Somali dominated suburb of Eastleigh. 17 youth who took part in Drama for Conflict Transformation theatre training in 2011 are now helping their community by putting on shows and discussions on local youth issues.

The youth’s work is being funded by USAID’s Kenyan Transitions Initiative, and involves 80 young actors in 10 shows held across Eastleigh: Eastleigh Youth Theatre for Peace Transforming Youth Lives

IREX Europe’s theatre for peace project taught young, disenfranchised youth in Eastleigh public speaking and problem solving skills, culminating in youth-led theatre shows and community discussions. Trained Eastleigh youth and adults have also gone on to use the skills gained in the project to organise mobile cinema events around Eastleigh. To learn more about IREX Europe’s project, please visit: Theatre for Peace Project trains 100 Somali youth in Nairobi

Easleigh is dominated by refugee Somali and Kenyan Somali communities, with a high number of disenfranchised youth involved in drugs, prositution, and gangs. Recruitment into extremist groups as well as into the ongoing conflict in neighbouring Somalia is also an issue of concern. In this tense environment, there are few safe places for youth to engage in positive activities, and to address the many risks and challenges they face. Youth are now starting to change this.

This year, IREX Europe has brought its peace building programmes to Mombasa, Kenya continuing to focus on using drama as a tool to engage young disenfranchised at-risk youth: Kenya: Theatre to Promote Peace and Understanding among Kenyan and Somali communities

IREX Europe’s work in Kenya and in Somalia is funded by the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office

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