Georgia : Development of Media Monitoring Capacities

Project Dates
November 2010 – March 2011


IREX Europe/Memo 98 consortium has been contracted by the UNDP project: Development of Media Monitoring Capacities in Georgia, funded by the EU, to assess the capacities of Civil Society Organizations in media monitoring, design curriculum tailored to their needs and conduct trainings according to the developed methodology.


Georgia’s transition towards a democratic, free and fair state, which respects rule of law and human rights,’ remains challenged by limited media independence and objectivity. A strong and objective media can become a powerful pillar in consolidating Georgia’s democracy by acting as a neutral and fair mediator between the public and authorities and encouraging public involvement in statehood building.

Strengthening the capacities of Georgian Civil Society Organizations to monitor media performance will further benefit media freedom and democratic development in the country. Media monitoring is not sufficiently developed in Georgia. It is mostly perceived as a record of air time on various topics, and unbiased content analysis is missing, mostly due to limited media monitoring capacities within the country. The project will therefore address those capacity gaps including provision of grounded quantitative and qualitative analysis of media performance.

The project aims to create a pool of independent Georgian CSOs with a sustained capacity not only to undertake this duty in a professional manner but also to serve as a resource for the future. At the end of the assignment the trained Georgian organizations and individuals should be able to independently apply various tools of media monitoring, as well as produce and disseminate professional assessments of the media.

Project Activities

A comprehensive capacity assessment will identify the gaps and needs of CSOs which have expressed interest in building their capacities to conduct media monitoring. Following the assessment, a Georgia-specific targeted programme for selected CSOs, including training in various methodologies of media monitoring, thematic monitoring practices (gender, disabled, children, etc) showcasing, inter alia, effective experiences, interpretation of quantitative data and effective construction of data graphs and research areas, will take place. This will be supplemented by on-the-job mentoring and advice/assistance to selected CSOs following the training. Follow-up visit will assess the impact of the trianings and provide recommendations on the future interventions.

Results to be achieved

- Capacity of the local CSOs assessed and the potential focus themes for the training identified
- Tailored training programme and methodology designed including how to conduct thematic monitorings; and training delivered
- Lessons learned and recommendations submitted including the assessment of the training effectiveness

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Memo 98 has worked for more than 10 years in assisting civil society groups to establish media monitoring capacities in the former Soviet Union countries (Azerbaijan, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Russia and Ukraine), in other European countries (Serbia), in the Middle East (Lebanon, Palestinian territories, Egypt, Yemen, Jordan and Iraq), Africa (Uganda, Rwanda, Madagascar and Somaliland – autonomous part of Somalia), Asia (Mongolia and Burma) and North America (Mexico).

The first training, held in Batumi, Georgia, focused on the fundamentals of media monitoring, focusing specifically on media monitoring of political and electoral coverage

The project will train Georgian civil society organisations to implement independent media monitoring projects

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