EHU Student production broadcast on Australian public radio

A radio feature about divided families in Belarus and Lithuania created by a journalism student at the European Humanities University was broadcast on national radio in Australia on the 12th of March, 2013.

Tatsiana Yanutsevich, a journalism student at the Belarusian university in exile, located in Vilnius, Lithuania, was trained by Ms. Jillian Hocking, a former consultant in IREX Europe’s Media Education for Democracy project, who continues to teach at the university.

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21 century is the era of globalization - economical, political and cultural integration. But unfortunately there are some places which are still isolated from the external world. Belarus is the country in the center of Europe and at the same time separated by its visa border. This border divides not only countries, but also families, the members of which live on different sides of the artificial barrier. To go to Europe for Belarusians means to overcome a lot of bureaucratic difficulties and a rather large sum of money. Mariana’s story is about a family for whom the border between Belarus and Lithuania became an invincible obstacle to family happiness.

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