Community Radio Pioneers in Georgia

IREX Europe was part of the EU funded consortium that established Radio Nor, the first community radio in Georgia, back in 2006. - Making Waves: A Community Radio Project

The station, based in the Armenian region of Ninotsminda (Javakheti), broadcasts predominantly in minority languages (Armenian, Georgian, and Russian) and is run by a core team of local journalists with significant input from volunteers both on the programming and managerial side.

IREX Europe expert Christine Cox helped train and set up the original radio. Despite local success and a high quality product serving the isolated community of Javakheti, the Government has since persistently refused to grant a license for broadcasting. The radio tried using loudspeakers in the town to pressure the government but in the end they were taken down and the radio closed in 2009.

The original team of volunteers who’d worked so hard to set up Radio Nor never gave up on their dream however, and when the internet grew to become a viable option, they succeeded to secure US funding to relaunch, this time as an online radio which in Georgia does not require a broadcasting license. IREX Europe’s network partner IREX is now helping Radio Nor serve its local community and promote local tolerance on sensitive issues, as well as push for better services for local citizens.

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This video report by Studio Re tells the story of Radio Nor’s history:

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