Anti-burnout training for LGBTI activists

IREX Europe is helping support rehabilitation courses for LGBTI activists. Human rights defenders are increasingly quitting the fight for their rights due to stress and burnout in the face of worsening legislation and increasing pressure from authorities - especially in the former Soviet Union.

Among human rights defenders, lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and intersex activists are among the most vulnerable in their professional and personal lives. Since the Orlando shooting in Florida last month, LGBTI activists increasingly worry about attacks from extremist groups who disapprove of their sexual orientation.

LGBTI activists provide a much needed service both to the LGBTI community as well as the community at large. They organise positive activities for their community, helping individuals and families accept and support who they are. They educate the wider public about LGBTI issues and help diversify our culture through film, art, and social events.

IREX Europe is supporting more than 50 LGBTI activists to attend rehabilitation courses to recharge their batteries and avoid burn-out, giving them the strength to return home and continue their struggle. The courses are up to 10 days long and provide counselling, sharing stories with other activists, developing new ideas and team projects.

To find out more and see if you are eligible to join, please contact Brenda Bogaert, Programme Manager,

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