92% des jeunes participants pensent que la méthode de Théâtre pour l’amélioration des conflits est un moyen efficace pour promouvoir la tolérance au sein de leurs communautés

Drama for Conflict Transformation, “acts as an ‘anti-virus’ for the community at large,” said Laurence Hargreaves, an independent consultant from Altai Consulting. The evaluator noted that the methodology is “highly relevant in Majengo” given the high rates of school dropouts, illiteracy, prostitution, drug consumption, and intolerance for Somalis in the area, as it gives a peaceful forum for self-expression and education at a grassroots level.

The evaluator concluded that the project enabled a 32% increase in women’s perceptions of options for education, with 76% changing opinions on the importance of education (several groups expressed a motivation to return to school as a result of the training). In addition, 92% of the group felt the workshop was a useful way to promote tolerance in their communities, with nearly all Kenyans changing their perceptions toward Somalis living in their communities, and several examples of youth taking the problem-solving methodology and applying it in their communities.

The technique uses theatre to promote peace and dialogue between youth, as well as raise awareness and debate about community issues. IREX Europe has used DCT in Indonesia, Central Asia, and in Somaliland to give disenfranchised youth positive outlets for self-expression and to teach critical thinking and conflict resolution at the grassroots level.

The evaluator summarised: “by motivating youth to pursue more education, encouraging tolerance between tribes and ethnic groups, giving some inspiration as to how to solve conflict, and by giving women the opportunity to take the lead, a small group of youth have graduated the course with markedly different ideas about what makes a peaceful and successful community.”

To learn more about the project, please visit: Kenya: Theatre to Promote Peace and Understanding among Kenyan and Somali communities

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