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Дискуссия в рамках Дня свободы печати-2015

Проект Media Freedom Support, поддержанный Евросоюзом и реализуемый консорциумом под руководством IREX Europe, организовал специальное мероприятие в рамках конференции, посвященной Дню свободы печати 2 мая 2015 года. Дискуссия под названием "Медиаправо, ограничения гражданского общества и Интернет-свобод" была посвящена свободе слова в странах Восточного партнерства, а также ужесточению законодательства в этой сфере в России, Украине, Азербайджане и Беларуси. Мероприятие прошло в столице Латвии - Риге.

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MedMedia Releases Assessment of the Media Development Sector in the Southern Mediterranean Region

The EU-funded MedMedia programme today published a key assessment report on the media development sector in the Southern Mediterranean Region.

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IREX Europe brings the European Union closer to Briceni, Edinet, Glodeni and Balti in Moldova

Representatives of IREX Europe and Novateca met with the public from Briceni, Edinet, Glodeni and Balti on the 24th and 25th of June. The meetings were hosted by the local public libraries, where librarians, cultural specialists, museum representatives, business owners, including those who were looking to start businesses in the near future, and young people interested in finding out about their local environment and wanting to contribute to their community all gathered together.

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IREX Europe Work With The Sens Interdits Theatre Festival and Their "Youth Reporters"

Sens Interdits is a local theatre festival in Lyon, promoting theatre troupes from around the world. The Director of the Sens Interdits Theatre Festival, Patrick Penot is an IREX Europe board member, and this year we’re joining the festival, working with young students who are being recruited to report on the Festival that will be held in November as “Youth Reporters”.

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