IREX Europe Board

Mark Whitehouse
IREX Europe President

IREX Europe President Mark Whitehouse has more than 20 years of experience in democratic and media development. He has been involved with IREX Europe since its inception in 2004 serving as its first Secretary/Treasurer.

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Helena Stohanzlova
IREX Europe Secretary/Treasurer

IREX Europe Secretary/Treasurer Helena Stohanzlova is a dedicated human rights and democracy expert with 10 years experience in international relations.

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Joyce Warner
IREX Europe Board Member

Joyce Warner joined the IREX Europe board in 2010. Joyce is Vice President for Education and Chief of Staff of IREX Europe’s sister organisation, IREX, based in Washington DC in the USA. Joyce oversees IREX’s education development and research support work in over 75 countries.

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Patrick Penot
IREX Europe Board Member

Board member Patrick Penot Board is director of the Lyon-based international theatre festival ’Sens Interdit’ and has worked for the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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