IREX Europe Capacities


- Designing, budgeting and implementing development programmes of all sizes
- Establishing partnerships with local organisations
- Providing scholars, policymakers, business leaders, journalists and other professionals with resources for understanding international political, social, economic, and business developments
- Staffing projects from an extensive international pool of experts
- Ensuring project financial management and reporting to the highest standards
- Conducting open and transparent recruitment and selection of programme participants
- Implementing assessment, monitoring and evaluation procedures before, during and after projects

Civil Society

- Strengthening the institutional capacity of civil society organisations
- Encouraging citizen participation in community development
- Designing advocacy, public education and media campaigns
- Extensive experience in anti-trafficking media awareness and CSO capacity building programmes

Independent Media

- Building the capacity of independent media as a fundamental underpinning to democratic and economic development
- Improving professionalism at all levels, including university journalism education, basic skills and mid-career training and media management and leadership training
- Growing the financial sustainability of media outlets through audience research, advertising, circulation and promotion
- Training specialist journalists, including in HIV/AIDS, anti-trafficking, anti-corruption, investigative and computer-assisted reporting.
- Television and radio production and infrastructure development
- Developing media associations and support institutions
- Fostering media-NGO and media-government relations


- Designing specialized educational and professional exchange programmes
- Assisting education institutions in curriculum development
- Training and professional development of staff
- Building partnerships with colleges and universities worldwide

Conflict Resolution

- Assisting youth and community leaders at a grassroots level to facilitate dialogue and strengthen community ties
- Building the capacity of civil society actors to address conflict
- Bringing citizens and marginalized groups into the peacebuilding process

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Our Mission

IREX Europe assists in the development of nations and peoples by providing services, programs, infrastructure and technologies that improve the quality of education, strengthen independent media, foster pluralistic civil society development, and reduce conflict.

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IREX assisted in the founding of IREX Europe and the organizations continue to collaborate as network partners.
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