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Somali Communities Theatre for Peace project begins in Kenya
IREX Europe SAF Theatre Peace
Posted on 17 December 2010

Our community, including the elders, welcome your project in Eastleigh as it wants to bring peace and understanding among our youth," stated a community leader during a launching event in Eastleigh, the impoverished Somali suburb of Nairobi.

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Using theatre to promote peace and stability in Somaliland
October 2010
Posted on 4 November 2010

A team of Somali actors and musicians is near to completing a month long road show throughout Somaliland that works to bring a message of peace and stability in one of the world’s most troubled regions.

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A Film for Peace
June 2010
Posted on 2 June 2010

IREX Europe’s documentary “In Search of Freedom” has been preselected by the international festival “A Film For Peace”. The film was shown to over 90,000 Bangladeshis in rural villages using a “mobile cinema” and was followed by discussion sessions on these issues and the compatibility of democracy and Islam.

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Launch of the Lebanese Youth Community Action Network
April 2010
Posted on 2 April 2010

More than 200 young Lebanese joined the British Ambassador to Lebanon, H.E. Frances Guy, and other dignitaries to celebrate the Youth Community Empowerment Program and mark the launch of the Youth Community Action Network. The network, known as YouthCAN, will build on the program’s strengthening of youth-focused civil society organizations.

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Yemeni Youth Develop Filmmaking Skills to Address Extremism
March 2010
Posted on 2 March 2010

Little-discussed topics in Yemen are about to see wider dialogue through creative film projects by the country’s youth. Films will address complex issues that can contribute to radicalism—including globalization, anti-Westernism, modernization, alienation, and community disadvantage.

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Yemeni Project Coordinator Stimulates Youth Dialogue through Film
March 2010
Posted on 2 March 2010

When Ashwaq Anbar first arrived for civil-society and leadership trainings—organized by IREX Europe and its partner Youth Leadership Development Foundation (YLDF)—in the Yemeni capital of Sana’a, her fellow trainees were not sure what to make of her. Although her family comes from the conservative tribal area of Arhab, she was not wearing a veil across her face. Instead, she wore only a scarf covering her hair.

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