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After Conflict, Youth Use Theater to Bridge Differences in Indonesia
November 2009
Posted on 1 November 2009

Budi’s* friend was shot in the head, one of thousands of lives lost to the sectarian violence that has scarred Indonesia over the past decade. After the tragedy, Budi’s neighborhood in Ambon fractured on religious lines. The teenager, who is Christian, would not associate with Muslims and was trained by a militant group to use arms. Today, Budi is using a new weapon to wage war on the conflict itself: the stage.

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Local Civil Society Organisation Bridges the Gap through a One Day Rally Event in South Mount Lebanon
September 2009
Posted on 2 September 2009

More than 170 youngsters from Aley and neighboring towns teamed up to compete in a one-day Bicycle Rally organized by new civil society organization, Khota Ashabab. Selected to be part of the Youth Community Empowerment Program (YCEP) implemented by IREX Europe and funded by the British government, Khota Ashababreceived a small grant for the implementation of its project United…Never Again Divided.

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"Green Lebanon with Peace"
June 2009
Posted on 2 June 2009

As part of IREX Europe’sYouth Community Empowerment Program, community mobilization projects are currently being undertaken in Lebanon by local Lebanese civil society organizations.

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Human Rights Reporting in Central Asia
May 2009
Posted on 2 May 2009

IREX Europe, as part of its European Instrument for Democracy and Human Rights funded project in Central Asia, is developing the potential of local media to raise awareness of key issues affecting women and children in Central Asia and empower civil society to take appropriate action.

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A Youth Community Empowerment Program Short Story
March 2009
Posted on 2 March 2009

A Youth Group becomes a registered NGO in Tripoli, Lebanon through its involvement in the Youth Community Empowerment Program

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