Georgia’s First Community Radio ‘On Air’ in Ninotsminda
May 2007

Dozens of people now gather in the heart of Ninotsminda to listen to Georgia’s first community radio station. The station went ‘on air’ in mid-March, but not having a licensed frequency yet, it is broadcast through a loudspeaker placed in the city center and linked by cable to the radio studio. Pending licensing, the Georgian National Communications Commission approved this way of reaching the audience.

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Local NGOs and Media Come Together to Bolster Impact in Georgia
August 2007

More than 45 Georgian media professionals and NGO workers came together for specialized training by IREX Europe through the “Making Waves – Community Radio Project,” funded by the European Union. The workshops in Tbilisi and Batumi were designed to help journalists, editors, and civil society professionals better understand each other, and to tap each other more effectively as sources and resources.

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Transforming Radio Television Serbia to a Public Service Broadcaster
September 2007

IREX Europe is working in Serbia on a large EU-funded project to transform Radio Television Serbia to a true public service broadcaster. The project involves journalism and management training, and organisation, programme, and financial structure assistance. The project covers both television and radio.

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Community Radio broadcasts interrupted during Georgian State of Emergency
November 2007

Since clashes between opposition protesters and large numbers of troops and police resulted in a state of emergency in Georgia, community radios established with IREX Europe support have interrupted their broadcasts. All rallies in the country are banned and only the Public Broadcaster can broadcast news.

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