IREX Europe Works with Press Union of Liberia to Establish a Resource Center for Liberian Media
September 2004

IREX Europe, as part of the Partnership for Media and Conflict Prevention in West Africa, is helping develop the Liberian media infrastructure, shattered by years of oppression and poverty. The Partnership is helping re-establish the Press Union of Liberia (PUL) and to reform media legislation ahead of critical elections in October 2005.

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IREX Europe Assists in Effort to Reform Liberian Media Law
October 2004

Comprehensive reform of Liberian media law is called for at a national conference on media law reform hosted by the Liberian Government with assistance from the Partnership on Media and Conflict Resolution for West Africa.

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Media Development Strategy for Middle East and North Africa Developed by IREX Europe
December 2004

As press freedom advocates in the Middle East and North Africa join with media outlets to seek increased independence and greater journalistic professionalism, IREX Europe is responding by contributing expertise in designing programming for independent media development.

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